Thursday, April 5, 2012

samantha home in hyderabad

samantha in her home hyderabad, enjoying the early sun rise


  1. Hai Friends.........I am vinay jagirdhar..
    As I am a big fan of samantha, I am very privilized for publishing this blog into the people, my aim is to make my blog as a wiki for samantha, Am not expecting any credit from this, but my only aim is that, I want to reach samantha with this blog, and I need to give her one shake hand and have a photograph, that was my ultimate dream for my life... oh..god, make it as soon as possible.
    Thank you friends.

    1. same to same
      i am also big fan for samantha..

  2. hai i am parshuram
    as i am very big fan of samantha i am very privilized for publishing this biog into the people

  3. where is her house address i have an appointment

  4. hai iam anil iam very big fan for samantha i can meet to samanth and give shake hand to her and take one photograph with them it is my biggest dreamszzzzz........................

  5. hello i am srk and i am also a big fan of samantha and i also wanna a photograph &shake hand with her tis id my dream...